The "Peter-Rosegger-School" in Reutlingen

We would like to welcome you to our homepage about our school called Peter-Rosegger School. The Peter-Rosegger-School is a specific school for mentally handicapped children.
Our school is located in the city called Reutlingen. Reutlingen is a town in the south-west of Germany close to Stuttgart. For your orientation, the airport of Stuttgart and the industry of Daimler-Benz is only 30 km away. You might know these locations.
We are also proud to have the fabulous ‘Black forest’ close to us and also the city Tübingen with the outstanding universities in medical, law, math and science.
The Peter-Rosegger-School is named after the Austrian poet Peter Rosegger, who lived from 1843 – 1918. Peter Rosegger was a person with great engagement for children in need. He enabled children in lonesome regions in his native country to get a better education.
Our school has more than 100 pupils at the age of 6 to 20 years. The classes have around 5 – 7 children, which leads to about 17 classes in our school.
The staff of the Peter-Rosegger-School exists of one principal, 45 teachers and 10 helpers. Additionally, there is a representative of parents, which take over an important and active part in our school.
In Germany it is obligatory to visit school for 9 years. Following these 9 years school, our students/pupils obtain a vocational training for 3 – 5 years. During this time they learn how to live in a flat by themselves or with friends and how to become a job. All these efforts are important for our students hopefully resulting to become independent outside the parents home.
Furthermore, the Peter-Rosegger-School cooperates with primary and secondary schools in our region. Teachers are engaged in early intervention. They assist and consult parents of children with handicaps for birth on until they go to school.
We also train students from the university to become teachers for children with special needs. The students learn how to deal with the different handicaps of our children, how to organize lessons for example in math, speech, writing, science, but also the children gain a lot from the students who enrich the class with new ideas.
In addition to our education in speech, writing, reading, arithmetic, science, sports and social life, we also organize special projects, such as music events, sports activities, training for self defense and theatrical performance. Our children take over an active part in these performances, which increases their self-esteem. You can see, our school takes over an active part supporting and helping families with their children. All this together makes it possible that our children grow up in a healthful surrounding.
Our pedagogic motto is development of the personality and social integration in our society.
For a better integration for our children in the community Peter-Rosegger once said:
“On our way to Light, don’t leave anyone behind.”